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^Click photo above for VIDEO!          “Waltzing in Austria | Vlogumentarry

Itinerary: Bad Goisern –> Hallstatt –> Vienna (been to Salzburg before when I was really young so didn’t go on this trip).


Would recommend level: 3/5

Budget level: $$$ out of 5 (but it was christmas and nye season)

Favourite memories:  Of course, you’re in Vienna the birthplace of Waltz, so learning and dancing the WALTZ literally from afternoon to night time on the STREETS was one of the biggest highlights for me (it was new years celebration, the whole city center was pedestrianised for waltz dancing, partying, singing, music, food everyone was having so much fun and just dancing the WHOLE DAY!!)) It was a one of a kind experience, pretty sure Vienna only so this is the highlight of my trip =). Also chilling around Bad Goisern with the bae was just such a nice day although there was nothing to do except for that obstacle course you see in the video.