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What’s going on? DEGREE SHOW! 

Graduating this year! Finally finished my BA (hons) Spatial Design degree, rounding it off with my FMP project “Felicity”. It will be displayed in the Degree Show of LCC on 15th June – 23rd June.

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I am not a professional photographer, I am not a paid travelling blogger, I just love to explore the world and document these experiences with photograph, videos and sketches. This blog is a place for me to share these wonderful journeys with my friends, family and the world but also a place for me to keep all the memories.

This site consists of nearly ALL of my travel experiences including the places I’ve been to when I was young and I completely forgot about them… I do hand write and keep travelling journals for my trips, so this site will mostly be photos, videos and some journaling that I did during the trip.

If anyone wants to know about the hostels / other travel details you can ask me ^^.

Camera & lenses I use (not the most expensive and the best i know, but all worth. Light camera, very important for backpacking as well):

  • Nikon 5200 (light and compact but yet great quality n functions)
  • prime lens – Nikkor 50mm , 1.8
  • Wide angle – Tamron 10-24mm, 3.2
  • Kit lens – 18 – 105mm, 3.5

Priority spending for now is on more trips… then when I have a bit more money Ima buy ma new gear =P


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